English Advent Reading  

Im Rahmen des Englischunterrichts erarbeiteten die Schüler ihre eigenen Advent- und Weihnachtsgeschichten. Von jedem Jahrgang wurde eine Erzählung ausgewählt und diese anschließend an den drei Montagen sowie am letzten Freitag der Vorweihnachtszeit über den Lautsprecher vorgelesen. 

Beitrag der 4. Klasse von Selina

The good hearted girl

One very cold and windy Monday in Christmas time the 14-years-old Marlene hurried home to escape the icy weather after a long day at school. Half way home, while it was getting dark, she suddenly heard an old man calling for help. As Marlene came closer she saw two young-looking men beating up an old man. Panic seized the girl and she ran home very fast. When Marlene arrived at home it was dark outside and her mother was happy but also angry because her daughter came home so late. However Marlene paid no attention to her mother’s words and said nervously: “I saw an old man in the street who was beaten up by two men. We have to help him mom!” But her mother said that she was sure that it was just any homeless person who had stolen something. The girl got angry because of what her mother had said but she tried to animate her to go and help the man. Finally her mother Kate said: “That’s enough! Go to your room, eat your dinner and then off to bed!”

Marlene did what her mother said and carefully went to her room with the goulash in her hands. But immediately after the good night kiss of her mother Marlene sneaked out of the house with the food and a coat. She went to the street where she had seen the poor old man and looked for him. After some time searching she was about to give up when she suddenly saw him.

She ran to the man as fast as she could and said: “Hello.” But the man didn’t answer at first. Marlene panicked as the unknown man grabbed her and shouted: “Please don’t hit me! I don’t have anything I could give you!”

Marlene told him that she wouldn’t do any harm to him and that she had food and a coat for him. She gave him the stuff and he said: “Thank you so much! You have got a good heart! What’s your name?” She answered that her name was Marlene and he told her that his name was Chris.

Because the young girl cared about the stranger Chris found a job and an apartment and they are in contact until today. Marlene has never celebrated a more beautiful Christmas because Christmas is about helping others and making them happy and not about getting presents. 


Beitrag der 3. Klasse von Cheyenne

A Christmas story today

Christmas has changed a lot in recent years, I think. I mean stories are not what they used to be to me when I was a kid. We all know the great Christmas fairy tales like the Nucracker, the little girl with the matches, the Christmas tree and the Snow Queen. 

This is now a Christmas story form my time:
I tell you the story of the girl Angel. Angel was my age. Behind her was a hard time. Her parents had separated. Advent with one parent was incomplete and that's how it felt. What she wished most for Christmas only Father Christmas knew. But she had not believed in him for a long time. After all, she was a modern girl from the present day, it would be ridiculous to believe in Father Christmas or in the Easter bunny. Nevertheless, she wished something with all her heart. But she did not know form whom, so she asked Father Christmas. It was a bit embarrassing but nobody knew it.

The weeks passed and she had long forgotten that she had actually wished something and Christmas Eve was there. There were only the two of them sitting next to the Christmas tree that evening and she was sad and felt emptiness, but she did not show it. It was 10 pm so she went to sleep when the doorbell rang. When Angel opened, she did not trust her eyes, there was the person she missed so much. Angel jumped at her and both hugged each other for an eternity. Days later, when Angel thought about that her deepest wish had come true, she realized that this was her own little Christmas story that had come true and that it does not matter to believe in Father Christmas but to believe that wishes can come true if they come from the heart.


Beitrag der 2. Klasse von Marie

The Angel Raphael

On the 23rd December angel Raphael was very excited, because the Christ child said to him:” Please can you help me to bring the gifts to the children on earth?” Raphael was very happy and answered:” Yes, of course!” On the next day Raphael and the Christ child flew to the earth. After three minutes the Christ child said:” We are faster if you go to the north. I’ll go to the south.” The angel nodded. He was proud that the Christ child trusted him. But suddenly Raphael had an accident. All the gifts fell down to the earth. Raphael was very sad and searched desperately for the gifts. After one hour he hadn’t found anything. Raphael sat down in the snow and cried. Once came a little girl and asked:” Why are you so sad?” The angel Raphael told her the whole story. The little girl had a good idea:” I will help you.” They searched for the gifts together. After a short time they found all the gifts. The angel was very happy and said thank you to the girl. On Christmas eve the girl saw a wonderful Christmas tree in the living room. Under the Christmas tree she saw her greatest wish. It was a doll. She was very happy and thought of Raphael.


Beitrag der 1b Klasse gelesen von Lanya

Help for Santa Claus

On a stormy Christmas Eve Santa Claus is on his Christmas mission – presents for all the kids in the world. With his sleigh and his eight reindeer he lands on the roof of a house but poor Santa gets stuck in the chimney. He cries for help and sends Rudolph back to the North Pole to get the Elfs. In the meantime Mary and Mike come into the room and find a letter in front of the chimney. It says, “Help me. I’m Santa and I’m stuck!” The kids run out of the house and see the sleigh on the roof. So they climb to the top and find a magic rope in the sleigh. They put it down the chimney and with the help of the reindeer, they rescue Santa Claus. Only five minutes later Rudolph comes back with the Elfs. Because of the kid’s help they are allowed to go on presents’ tour with Santa Claus. All the kids are happy because Christmas is rescued.